March 29 2019



Monday. I hate Mondays.

A day full of chat about building things, and the obstacles in the way.

We’re working on top of systems and data that:

  • have been designed with different goals to our use case
  • have been designed to fit one specific process
  • haven’t been given the investment and care to prevent pragmatic hacks
  • haven’t been designed to be exposed to the public

I always hear a lot (this includes my own hot air) about interoperability, about “fixing the plumbing” and so on. On days like today I feel like pumping out yet more hot air about what we send through that plumbing. Is it fresh, clean drinking water or something else altogether?


Ceremonies day. I hate ceremonies day. But mainly when I have to present.

Standing up and presenting anything is still something I grapple with. The horror of having to drive a prototype while talking at the same time. The connection suddenly deciding to go slowly. Multiple monitors. Screen sharing. Trying to string sentences together. Making any kind of sense.

Anyway. Rattled through the latest prototype iteration to only a few questions, which is usually a relief.

The rest of the day was largely retrospective and planning. Both seemed pretty good. The planning for the bit of the team I’m in is feeling stronger each sprint.


Another helpful and long chat about how things (are supposed to) work in the land of pharmacy referrals.

The afternoon was spent working on the problematic bits of our journey. We’re definitely getting towards something that could stand to be piloted.


A day of chin-stroking and tweaking things.

One thing about weeknotes is that I’ve just stopped myself writing about things I’ve written about already in… the weeknotes.

Perhaps it’s more useful to write actual articles as opposed to long repetitive diary entries? I guess they’re going to be harder.


And so I did. Decide it’s perhaps more useful to get some longer articles out. There’s a long dormant post about searching on 111 online now published. It’s really really long.