Demotive is me, Mat Johnson. I’m a designer who loves working in healthcare. Right now I’m working on NHS 111 online.


14 June 2019

Making little simple things out of a big complicated thing.

7 June 2019

My god… it's full of acronyms

31 May 2019

The age-old question of how, when and why design practice fits into agile product development.

24 May 2019
17 May 2019

Well, I left it a bit late this week, and didn’t note down much. Just a long old ramble about services. Again.

10 May 2019
3 May 2019

I’m going to have a go at “themes” this time to see if it refreshes my rapidly crumbling weeknotes habit.

26 April 2019

I think I’m starting to slip.

23 April 2019

111 online will ask you weird questions.

19 April 2019

Well it’s been a short week, and who’s sad enough to write weeknotes on a sunny bank holiday weekend?

12 April 2019
5 April 2019

I like lab days, especially when the lab fridge comes stuffed with fizzy drinks.

29 March 2019
29 March 2019

This post was originally intended for the NHS Digital blog, but didn't pass muster.

22 March 2019
15 March 2019
8 March 2019
1 March 2019
22 February 2019
15 February 2019
8 February 2019

This week I enjoyed discussions around how best to describe anal prolapse.

1 February 2019

Thought I’d try weeknotes. Mainly as a way to kick myself in the arse and get Demotive up and running again. They’ll definitely taper off or get much shorter.