February 9 2024

Make things open

Lately I’ve been browsing around and getting into the idea of digital gardens and the cosy web.

The idea of pottering away in a digital garden appeals to me a hell of a lot more than slaving away on an every-update-is-a-total-redesign Designer Portfolio Site 1

So I decided to loosen Demotive up a bit. It’s never been the most polished thing in the world. There are inconsistencies and things to be done. But that’s the beauty of the medium: nothing is fixed, flux is the norm.

As of now there are only two container sections: posts and drafts.

Posts are basically just that. Stuff that is definitely finished bar random updates.

At some point I’ll need to figure out a way to helpfully distinguish (say) a picture of the dog from a project about death certification, but you know, it can wait a little bit.

Drafts are very literally work in progress, but I guess why not? It’s definitely metaphor appropriate for a digital garden, and I figure sheer embarrasment might encourage me to get cracking on them.

Otherwise there’s the about and colophon pages and for now that is pretty much it.

Finally if you do use the RSS feed I can only apologise, I’ve not paid much attention to the effect this will have on it.

  1. I mean, not that redesigning one’s site over and over again isn’t super cool.