April 19 2020

Spring notes: at home

A companion post to the previous one, which was about work. This one’s a shorter one about stuff that isn’t work. Again, things are just … totally different.

Now we’re all remote working, one of the challenges is to create a proper separation between work and life. The temptation to check Slack or email or whatever. Finding yourself putting in extra hours when it’s actually not needed.

So I’ve been separating with some random stuff:

The common

We’re so damn lucky to live near a common.

Getting up early as usual but instead of riding to work, taking the dog out for Bonus Walks is really keeping me sane.

Trees on the common

Related: I am gutted to miss Among The Trees at the Hayward.


I nobly planned to read non-fiction. The immediate list for that looks like:

I have started none of those in favour of:

London rides

London has been a bit like the London you wish you lived in when it just feels too full all the time. Except now you can’t really do that much.

I’ve been taking late night bike rides exploring the city, often taking the camera out.

London Wall, looking towards
  the Museum of London


Got a backpack so I can ride with dog. It’s obviously the best thing ever.

Me and the dog on the bike
“Look Mat, K-9 was obviously the better movie.”


Things I’m supposed to be doing and obviously haven’t yet:

  • go for a street skate - it’s perfect out there at night
  • fit in the yoga (I find it so hard to be arsed for some reason)
  • resurrect some kind of drawing and painting habit

Thanks for stopping by.