March 1 2020


I’ve been slacking for 5 months. Cripes. Turns out thought leadership is hard work.

This post will therefore largely be a list of things:

  • new product stuff
  • a talk I did for Services Week 2020
  • I managed to laser print a purely black A4 sheet

New product stuff

Couple of big-ish things over the last few months. First up we helped investigate how we might link (and pass meaningful information) to GP online consultation systems.

A lot of the detail (and ranting) around this piece of work is contained within my talk below so rather than drone on here I’ll leave it at that.

We also had our regular “User Forum” where we present product news and updates to 111 providers from around the country. Again, my role in that was to drone on about the same piece of work.

Finally we’ve just come out of what I’d phrase as Three Fucking Hard Sprints to deliver a “111 online does COVID-19” mini-service. This will probably end up being several posts, so a couple of purely product highlights:

  • markdown enabled in questions - images!
  • I’ve spent more time than ever in the actual product repos

A talk I did for Services Week 2020

GDS must have been pretty desperate when Martin Jordan dropped me a line to see if I had anything to present at Services Week 2020 – thanks for inviting me!

The next element is a YouTube iframe, so if you want to hop over it feel free.

I did a long rambling remote talk about 111 online, mainly around the work we’d been doing looking at passing people into GP online consultations.

Some of the other talks are publicly available at the UK Gov Design YouTube page.

The void

I forgot to take some clips off the toner cartridge and managed to print an edge-to-edge A4 Vantablack. Amped.

Photo of a black printed A4 piece of paper
Scream here.