June 7 2019

A UCD meetup in UEC

This week I went to an inaugural meetup of people practicing user centred design (UCD) in urgent and emergency care (UEC) in NHS Digital in Leeds.

Obligatory whiteboard covered in post it notes

It was a good small start, where we all introduced ourselves and what we’re working on.

If we can keep it up I think it’ll be really valuable as a “community of service” where UEC domain and product knowledge is shared in an easy and accessible way.

Things that cropped up:

  • the variety of products and services in the UEC space
  • what’s with the acronyms?
  • it’s complicated

A fair amount of the session was just chatting and sharing stuff. We then finished up with ideas about what we’re wanting to achieve from the meetup, when the next one is, etc.

Felt like a good small start.